AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus 

AceReader Pro Deluxe is a revolutionary reading tool that opens new doors and avenues for developing reading and comprehension skills.

AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus can be used to: 

  • assess students' current reading level,
  • improve students' reading fluency and comprehension both online and offline and 
  • it can also be used as a reading device to help students read faster while on the computer by utilizing special display modes.

Price: $129.00 site licenses prices are available.

System requirements: PC or Mac. 

Utilizing AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus:

Diagnostic Reading Assessment Tool - In addition to improving your reading skills, AceReader can be used to help assess your current reading level (speed and comprehension).

Warm Up - Use AceReader to warm up, sort of like picking up several bats and taking a few swings before stepping up to the plate. Using AceReader to warm up before switching over to read online or offline can help increase your reading speed.

Memorization Tool - Use AceReader to memorize text. By utilizing the Burst Forward, Back and Repeat features, you can rapidly re-read text for the purpose of memorizing it. In this mode you're using AceReader as a computerized flash card system. Examples: States capitals, Math Multiplication Tables, Names...

Self-Improvement Programming - Step the speed up and rapidly display messages to yourself for the purpose of programming your subconscious with positive suggestions.

Eye Tracking - The "Eye Trainer Scroll Mode" will pace the readers eyes to move left to right and top-down. This mode forces the readers eyes to move as they would in normal offline reading.

Speed Reading - AceReader will assist your eye tracking at configured speeds to help you break common bad reading habits that slow you down (i.e. subvocalization and re-reading).

Click here to see a Video Preview of AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus